What I'm Doing Now

The alternative version of this page is written in šŸ‡®šŸ‡© Bahasa.

People seldom ask me what Iā€™m doing now.

I am in Bandung, Indonesia.

I am relearning PHP syntax on Codecademy. Enough PHP to build WordPress themes and plugins. Dear PHP experts, please recommend me some good resources on the subject. I am in a tutorial hell right now.

I am taking Complete Intro to Computer Science, Making TypeScript Stick and Figma for Developers. Stockbit pays the subscription bills.

I am working on a side project using WooCommerce as a GraphQL/REST API endpoint and SSG of my choice (Eleventy and Astro šŸŒŸ) in the front. It is a boilerplate to decouple backend and frontend on WooCommerce app.

I am preparing for the worst by saving and investing. Here's how it's done.

Last updated: May 2022.

This page is inspired by a good idea from Derek Sivers.