What I'm Doing Now

The alternative version of this page is written in 🇮🇩 Bahasa.

I am fascinated with Terrace House on Netflix. Men and women under the same roof hitting on each other. When men try to impress women, women smell it. They will unveil the mask and reveal the horrendous being that we are. Learning a lot!

I am no longer concerned about what women want from me. I am more concerned about what I want from them.

I am fantasizing living with a girl I like with two cats and a dog.

I am taking the deep dive into HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL. I bet on early-2000s web technology.

Reading No Longer Human illustrated by Junji Ito. Loving it!

I am ashamed of being human. I am wearing a mask now.

Last updated: January 2023.

This page is inspired by a good idea from Derek Sivers.