What I'm Doing Now

The alternative version of this page is written in 🇮🇩 Bahasa.

I am tired of working on the fundamentals but there are many potholes to be plugged.

I am binge-reading One Piece on Manga Plus. I am on Enies Lobby Arc right now (Chapter 400). It's a good read. I should have read it in junior high, but I didn't find it interesting.

I am bound to leave the dorm next month. I am looking for accomodation near Stasiun Bogor or UI.

I am 64 kilos. I gain 3 kilograms in 3 months. I'm attempting to charm attractive high school girls with my strength. Love is for women and for men strength.

Last updated: October 2023.

This page is inspired by a good idea from Derek Sivers.