About Me

I am a boring person interested in building user-facing features using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I blog about anything that interest me and most of my writings here are dedicated to JavaScript and the web in general.

JavaScript is a weird programming language and might takes a lot of time to tame it. I have spent my precious time, money, and energy on it, therefore I love it. Nonetheless, I still don’t know JavaScript.

Most of the time, I tinker with the DOM and Web API to create pleasing experience on the web. I am very grateful for picking up the right hobby.

Dear reader, I would like to be your friend and potential friends should know each other’s shortcomings. I suck at SQL, NoSQL, any kind of fullstack frameworks (Django, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, etc), any kind of ORM libraries, or any fancy stuffs most developers love to talk about (shiny new technologies).

For more details, you can find me on LinkedIn, GitHub, CodePen, and Twitter. If you got any questions about anything, feel free to send me email.

I need lots of feedbacks from everyone because I can’t keep my attitude in check all the time. Please, don’t sugarcoat your words if it’s necessary to treat me somewhat inconsiderately. I will not take it personal.

I hope you will find this blog interesting.