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These are scribbles written for the sake of increasing learning retention. To me, writing down my own thought after experiencing something with 5 senses is a good exercise for mental strength. Don't believe me, please.

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My Two Cents
Denissa P. Putri

Denissa P. Putri 10 June 2017

Saya selalu kagum dengan orang ini sampai-sampai sering bertemu di dalam mimpi. Jangan salah paham. Ini bukan romansa. Read on.

Day 8: JavaScript Challenge

Day 8: JavaScript Challenge 9 June 2017

Let's play around with the canvas! What a great API! Read on.

Day 7: JavaScript Challenge

Day 7: JavaScript Challenge 7 June 2017

As for now, I am romantically attached to 3 girls I met in high school, college, and office. How could I manage them? Read on.

Day 6: JavaScript Challenge

Day 6: JavaScript Challenge 6 June 2017

I was using fetch method which really shows me the Promise and its early usage for AJAX programming. Read on.

Day 5: JavaScript Challenge

Day 5: JavaScript Challenge 1 June 2017

I know nothing about CSS flexbox! Read on.

Day 4: JavaScript Challenge

Day 4: JavaScript Challenge 31 May 2017

I have to do it on and on until I get it. Never underestimate the power of JavaScript's Array! Read on.

Day 3: JavaScript Challenge

Day 3: JavaScript Challenge 29 May 2017

I am doing it so fast in the office. Not quite interesting. Read on.

Day 2: JavaScript Challenge

Day 2: JavaScript Challenge 28 May 2017

It's so hard to keep up with it. I am struggling even if it's seemingly an easy task (making analogue clock). Read on.

Day 1: JavaScript Challenge

Day 1: JavaScript Challenge 27 May 2017

In this lovely month, I would love to spend my meaningless life on something that's meaningful. It's 30 day JavaScript challenge. Read on.

My Two Cents
The Beginning

The Beginning 7 May 2017

I was born and raised in Bogor, the small damp city surrounded by two gigantic rows of montain (Salak and Pangrango). Read on.