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These are scribbles written for the sake of increasing learning retention. To me, writing down my own thought after experiencing something with 5 senses is a good exercise for mental strength. Don't believe me, please.

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My Two Cents
Perundungan (Bullying)

Perundungan (Bullying) 30 July 2017

Saya punya semua kriteria untuk jadi korban perundungan (bullying). Apa lacur, sayalah yang kadang-kadang jadi perundung (bully) yang terlaknat. Read on.

The Web
Kunjungan ke Mozilla Community Space

Kunjungan ke Mozilla Community Space 22 July 2017

Meskipun saya rupawan dan disukai banyak perempuan, saya termasuk orang yang rendah diri. Read on.

Day 14: JavaScript Challenge

Day 14: JavaScript Challenge 16 July 2017

Copying Array or Object can be tremendously confusing if we don't know that they are different from primitive typed values like string, boolean, or number. Read on.

Day 13: JavaScript Challenge

Day 13: JavaScript Challenge 15 July 2017

It's all about debounce function and the scroll event I care about. Read on.

Day 12: JavaScript Challenge

Day 12: JavaScript Challenge 3 July 2017

Type "magic" and see what happens next! I can assure you how interesting it is! Read on.

Day 11: JavaScript Challenge

Day 11: JavaScript Challenge 1 July 2017

I was very excited building custom HTML5 video player using vanilla JavaScript. Read on.

Day 10: JavaScript Challenge

Day 10: JavaScript Challenge 30 June 2017

It's been 15 days since the last challenge. In this challenge, we are going to "steal" multiple checkbox selection's feature from Gmail. Read on.

Bogus Module Dependency Manager

Bogus Module Dependency Manager 29 June 2017

I wonder how module dependency manager like RequireJS really works. Read on.

My Two Cents
Waktu dan Energi

Waktu dan Energi 18 June 2017

Sudah terlalu lama saya lembek dengan diri sendiri. Saya ingin menekuni hobi sebrutal Michael Natterer. Read on.

Day 9: JavaScript Challenge

Day 9: JavaScript Challenge 14 June 2017

It's a demo-less post. Nothing to show but a lot to explain. We are going to play with the console. Read on.