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These are scribbles written for the sake of increasing learning retention. To me, writing down my own thought after experiencing something with 5 senses is a good exercise for mental strength. Don't believe me, please.

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Day 23: JavaScript Challenge

Day 23: JavaScript Challenge 3 September 2017

I've done the similar challenge in day 20 before (Hawking's voice synthesizer), but it's more challenging (not really). Read on.

Day 22: JavaScript Challenge

Day 22: JavaScript Challenge 27 August 2017

I don't think following along and highlighting the link while hovering over it is important. Read on.

Day 21: JavaScript Challenge

Day 21: JavaScript Challenge 25 August 2017

I don't have Mac, so doing the actual challenge might be frustrating. However, playing (copy-pasting) with Google Map API doesn't leave bad taste in my mouth. Read on.

Day 20: JavaScript Challenge

Day 20: JavaScript Challenge 22 August 2017

Mozilla has yet to implement SpeechRecognition interface for Firefox, so I turn the challenge into Stephen Hawking's voice synthesizer. Read on.

Day 19: JavaScript Challenge

Day 19: JavaScript Challenge 20 August 2017

Taking a photo from webcam and painting it to canvas seemed magical before this challenge. Read on.

Day 18: JavaScript Challenge

Day 18: JavaScript Challenge 20 August 2017

It's kind of boring, but at least it has something to do with the DOM. It's yet another boring JavaScript's Array manipulation. Read on.

Day 17: JavaScript Challenge

Day 17: JavaScript Challenge 19 August 2017

It's such a "cooling down" challenge. Nothing more boring than sorting list using built-in JavaScript Array's methods. Read on.

Day 16: JavaScript Challenge

Day 16: JavaScript Challenge 19 August 2017

Dynamically changing box shadow in accord to mouse movement is quite fun to me. Read on.

Day 15: JavaScript Challenge

Day 15: JavaScript Challenge 30 July 2017

LocalStorage and event delegation are concepts I am familiar with. However, I am very excited doing this challenge! Read on.

My Two Cents
Perundungan (Bullying)

Perundungan (Bullying) 30 July 2017

Saya punya semua kriteria untuk jadi korban perundungan (bullying). Apa lacur, sayalah yang kadang-kadang jadi perundung (bully) yang terlaknat. Read on.