The Beginning

I was born and raised in Bogor, the small damp city surrounded by two gigantic rows of montain (Salak and Pangrango). It has been notoriously known as a city of rain but I am not quite sure. Given the state of weather of global warming, everywhere seems so much rainy.

In earliest memory of my stay in Bogor, I entered SD Negeri Polisi 1 Bogor, illustrious school that boast illustrious alumni. I suppose one of them will be working at Google someday (me). I remembered my mother saying that she had been in line for hours, waiting for announcement, making sure I was listed. Well, I followed the footsteps of my brother and sisters entering that school.

Supposedly, I was considered as an idiot at school and that hadn’t been a problem. The real problem was they got themselves wrong about my ethnicity, thought I was Chinese. I had recollection of the fierce bastard female teacher, 5th graded school teacher named Tina who had been so unfair to me because of that accusation. I didn’t make light of it, I took it personal. I would kill her if I unfortunately meet her again.

However, it ended up amicably without noteworthy conflicts. I graduated and entered junior high school, just 20 meters to the west from my elementary school’s building—how convenient. At SMP Negeri 7 Bogor, I was known as ‘Cile’ short for ‘Cina Gile’ among football club. I was so vigorous, running all the time, a skinny boy who believes he can fly. I hated school at the time but I loved weekends.

What I have learnt in junior high school are how to decode Morse’s code, how to play Counter Strike, how to open URL in browser, how to send email, how to take shit, how to masturbate, and nothing worth-spelling. I only have 4 friends from junior high school, we often see each other.

Fortunately, I graduated and entered high school without having to put extra effort into exam because I can enter any high schools in the city using my precious certificate from Regional Boy Scout Tournament. I deliberately chose SMA Negeri 4 Bogor—not so fancy school by all means. For the next 3 years, I wasn’t doing anything there. I slept on the desk all the time wondering where I was sleeping tonight.

What I have learnt in high school are how to admire girls (Fida, Ayu, and Elvina) for the first time in my life. I wrote many poems about them but I never told them that I like them so much.

Apart from being melancholic and poetic, I was a member of Montaineering Club in which no one in the school would have a nerve to put up a fight with us. I am the weakest member but well respected for some reasons. I only have 2 friends from high school, we barely know each other but we are friends, if not brothers.